Ok, so they've finally convinced me to go live with something that resembles my own thoughts (instead of just making snippy comments about other peoples’ posts :))...

So who am I and why do I think that anyone in their right mind would care about my ramblings?

Well, I’ve been here for a really long time (see my bio for details: Larry Osterman's bio).  And I’ve got really strong opinions about lots of stuff, and I figured that other people should be able to share in my accumulated wisdom J


And yes, I do have a weird sense of humor and a totally over-exaggerated sense of my own abilities.  But heck, if you can’t be arrogant, why bother to work for Microsoft?  J


The odds are good that I’ll be posting about just about anything.  From Exchange security internals, to working with ATL or COM, to my limited embedded systems experience, to hoary old war stories about working for “a small software company near Seattle”. 


Comments (2)

  1. Good to have you here!

  2. Well, this year I didn’t miss the anniversary of my first blog post.

    I still can’t quite believe it’s…

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