Get TFS 2010 users in area paths

  Checkout this new tool that I just uploaded to codeplex!! This tool can get the “expanded” security group membership on all “Areas” for all team projects in a given collection. This can be handy when you want to troubleshoot an orphan user issue in TFS. So an orphan user would be a user that…


GetUsers Version 1.0 on codeplex

  Check out this tool that I just published to


TFS 2010 and Url Scan

In case you are or planning to use URL Scan on top of IIS server which is part of your TFS deployment. Here is a sample UrlScanConfig file that I have used (things in yellow deserve a look):   [options] UseAllowVerbs=0                ; If 1, use [AllowVerbs] section, else use the                               ; [DenyVerbs] section.   The default…


TFS 2010: Delete alerts for all users

Run the following query against the collection db: use Tfs_DefaultCollection –Select * from tbl_EventSubscription Select ‘bissubscribe /unsubscribe /id ‘ + CAST(id as varchar(255))+ ‘ /collection http://TFS2:8080/tfs/ProjectCollectionName’from dbo.tbl_EventSubscriptionwhere ID>1   Copy the o/p of the above sql , open notepad, paste & save the file as a batch file.   Open elevated command prompt & change…


Create TFS 2010 Reports for upgraded Team projects.

  Step #1: Export the MSF Agile\CMMI 5.0 process templates to a folder. In my examples the process template is downloaded in the following folders: C:\MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0 C:\MSF for CMMI Process Improvement v5.0 Instructions to download process templates are available here. Step #2: Prepare the Reports Manager Site to host the…


Enable TFS 2010 Style dashboard and Excel Reports on MSF Agile 4.2 or MSF CMMI 4.2 site collections

Assumptions: – TFS 2010 is integrated with MOSS 2007\SharePoint Server 2010 Ent Edition – MOSS 2007 has Excel Calculation Services + Single Sign Configured according to the guidance available here. – SharePoint Server 2010 has Excel Services + Secure Store Service configured according to the guidance available here. Permissions: The user must be a site…


TFS 2010: Enable Test Case Management for upgraded Team Projects

Error Snapshot: (This error will occur when we use the test manger to connect to a TFS 2008 team project in the upgraded collection) SOLUTION ================= At a high level: 1. You must add the new work item types, test case and shared steps, to your upgraded team project to use Microsoft Test Manager. 2….


TFS 2101: Setting up TSWA with host headers

Here is what I did with my setup: My TFS site was hosted on standard port 8080 on a member server in my Internal testing domain. So I  had created a DNS alias record called “MyTFS” for my TFS server whose NetBIOS names is tfs001. Now I went into IIS & dropped the default…


TFS 2010: How to get the default reports back

Scenario: I started with no RS or WSS in TFS 2010, but now I want these features Terms: — TPC= Team Project Collection, TP=Team Project, TFC=Team Foundation Client or Team Explorer  — So we know that we can take out RS & WSS from TFS 2010 on-demand. Suppose you have a server in which we…