Performing a WSS 2.0 migration upgrade to WSS 3.0 as part of the TFS 2010 migration upgrade experience


I am writing this post as I have got a lot of people who wanted a post on this scenario.


So here it goes. I will be referring you to the steps in my earlier post on performing a side-by-side upgrade from WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0 for TFS 2008 posted here.

Here is what you need to do:

#1 Run the pre-scan tool for WSS 3.0 on the WSS 2.0 machine

Download the WSS 3.0 Pre-Scan tool from the download center:

Open a command prompt windows & change to the folder where you have downloaded the pre-scan tool. Run the pre-scan tool as:
PreScan /ALL

#2 Take a backup of the WSS 2.0 content database

#3 Restore the backup to the SQL machine for your TFS 2010 server

#4 Install and configure WSS 3.0 with SP2 on the TFS 2010 machine. You have to select advanced and server farm options during the installation process for WSS 3.0. Post installation you have to run the SharePoint Products and technology wizard to configure SharePoint. (follow guidance in step 7 & 8 in

#5 Extend the default web site with a temporary contentdb(step 9 in

#6 Un-attach the temporary content db and attach the restored db from #3 above (This is covered in step 10 in

That’s it, from this point on you can use the TFS 2010 upgrade wizard and include SharePoint as part of the upgrade experience.

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  1. Outstanding post.  I have just such a scenario unfolding before me.  We will end up with a 2013 Foundation environment.  Although I do have a WSS V3.0 environment to upgrade with I think this will save me some work.

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