Get TFS 2010 users in area paths

  Checkout this new tool that I just uploaded to codeplex!! This tool can get the “expanded” security group membership on all “Areas” for all team projects in a given collection. This can be handy when you want to troubleshoot an orphan user issue in TFS. So an orphan user would be a user that…


GetUsers Version 1.0 on codeplex

  Check out this tool that I just published to


TFS 2010 and Url Scan

In case you are or planning to use URL Scan on top of IIS server which is part of your TFS deployment. Here is a sample UrlScanConfig file that I have used (things in yellow deserve a look):   [options] UseAllowVerbs=0                ; If 1, use [AllowVerbs] section, else use the                               ; [DenyVerbs] section.   The default…