TFS 2101: Setting up TSWA with host headers

Here is what I did with my setup:

My TFS site was hosted on standard port 8080 on a member server in my Internal testing domain.

So I  had created a DNS alias record called “MyTFS” for my TFS server whose NetBIOS names is tfs001.

Now I went into IIS & dropped the default header (port 8080, all-unassigned) for the TFS web site.

I added a new header, port 80, MyTfs, all-unassigned for the TFS web site.

I did a IISReset /noforce. (Note: Make sure you are appending the /noforce switch, sometimse the command errors out. If that happens, keep running IISReset  /noforce again until it succeeds. Without the noforce switch the new host header settings may not be preserved for the TFS site in IIS.)

Then I went in the TFS Admin console & updated my Notfication & Server uris from:




This automatically changes my TSWA site uri to http://mytfs/tfs/web.

Now I edited the web.config file in the root of the TSWA site(which is the “web” folder in TFS install dir) in a text editor such notepad and changed the section:


      <!-- <add name="http://server:8080" /> -->





<add name="http://mytfs/tfs" />



I saved & closed the web.config file.

Did an IISreset /noforce.

I am able to browse TSWA site in IE using http://myTFS/tfs/web and use TSWA for any Collection\Project.

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