TFS 2010: How to get the default reports back

Scenario: I started with no RS or WSS in TFS 2010, but now I want these features

Terms: --- TPC= Team Project Collection, TP=Team Project, TFC=Team Foundation Client or Team Explorer  ---

So we know that we can take out RS & WSS from TFS 2010 on-demand. Suppose you have a server in which we used the TFS 2010 advanced configuration wizard to configure TFS minus RS & WSS features. You had a TPC & created a Team Project called Alpha over there. Obviously when you connect to this TP using TFC you will not see a Reports node.

Now we decided to enable reporting for our TFS 2010 instance & we now want our TPC to have reports for our TPs.

So we use TfsMgmt.exe to wire TFS 2010 with an RS instance & we went ahead configured RS & SSAS. We also set the RS folder path in the RS properties for our TPCs to /TfsReports/CollectionName.

So now we go ahead create a new team project called Beta.

What we will see after connecting to both Alpha & Beta team projects is that I now have a Reports node under each of them in TFC.(Very Cool!!)

However the Reports folder under the Alpha project is empty, but the Beta project (which was created after reporting was enabled for TFS 2010 & the concerned TPC) has all the required reports under the Reports folder.

So this is similar to a situation where we have a TFS 2005/2008 deployment & we loose our Reports dbs & we now find that there are no reports for his our Team Projects. So we can use TfsUploadReports tool to get the default reports back.

Put simply we need reports for our Alpha Team Project. You can do this by following instruction which are now available at  (Awesome!!)

(A word of caution: please use VS to create the xml file as mentioned in the article, the XML code designer in VS can pick any syntactical errors which can easily happen if you create\edit xml in Notepad)

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