TFS 2010: Delete alerts for all users

Run the following query against the collection db: use Tfs_DefaultCollection –Select * from tbl_EventSubscription Select ‘bissubscribe /unsubscribe /id ‘ + CAST(id as varchar(255))+ ‘ /collection http://TFS2:8080/tfs/ProjectCollectionName’from dbo.tbl_EventSubscriptionwhere ID>1   Copy the o/p of the above sql , open notepad, paste & save the file as a batch file.   Open elevated command prompt & change…


Create TFS 2010 Reports for upgraded Team projects.

  Step #1: Export the MSF Agile\CMMI 5.0 process templates to a folder. In my examples the process template is downloaded in the following folders: C:\MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0 C:\MSF for CMMI Process Improvement v5.0 Instructions to download process templates are available here. Step #2: Prepare the Reports Manager Site to host the…


Enable TFS 2010 Style dashboard and Excel Reports on MSF Agile 4.2 or MSF CMMI 4.2 site collections

Assumptions: – TFS 2010 is integrated with MOSS 2007\SharePoint Server 2010 Ent Edition – MOSS 2007 has Excel Calculation Services + Single Sign Configured according to the guidance available here. – SharePoint Server 2010 has Excel Services + Secure Store Service configured according to the guidance available here. Permissions: The user must be a site…


TFS 2010: Enable Test Case Management for upgraded Team Projects

Error Snapshot: (This error will occur when we use the test manger to connect to a TFS 2008 team project in the upgraded collection) SOLUTION ================= At a high level: 1. You must add the new work item types, test case and shared steps, to your upgraded team project to use Microsoft Test Manager. 2….


TFS 2101: Setting up TSWA with host headers

Here is what I did with my setup: My TFS site was hosted on standard port 8080 on a member server in my Internal testing domain. So I  had created a DNS alias record called “MyTFS” for my TFS server whose NetBIOS names is tfs001. Now I went into IIS & dropped the default…


TFS 2010: How to get the default reports back

Scenario: I started with no RS or WSS in TFS 2010, but now I want these features Terms: — TPC= Team Project Collection, TP=Team Project, TFC=Team Foundation Client or Team Explorer  — So we know that we can take out RS & WSS from TFS 2010 on-demand. Suppose you have a server in which we…