DNN Platform Installation

This is a short Installation Dokumentation for the Microsoft DNN platform. I will demonstrate step by step how you install and configure this application does.

This Application is perfect to demonstrate the System Center Operations Manager APM (Application Perfomance Monitoring)

1.Download and start DDN Setup


2.Configure the Prerequesites for DNN

Define SA Password (SQL Express is installed)


3.Install DNN

The IIS 8 and its configuration will automatically installed.


4. Configure IIS for DNN


5. Once the Installation and IIS Configuration is finished, you can launch the webpage


Sometimes i get an 404.17 - Not Found Error.

This can happend while the ASP .Net 4.5 Role isn't installed.

Open the Server Manager and activate the Server Roles Option:

Web Server (IIS) > Application Development > ASP .Net 4.5


6. Once that is done you can refresh the Web Browser and see the following Screen

Define Username and Password for Management Tasks.

You can leave the Default Website.


7. Enable SQLEXPRESS TCP/IP Settings to create a Database via SQLCMD

Open the SQL Server configuration console. Expand "SQL Server Network Configuration" and enable the TCP/IP Option

Once this is done you can open the cmd (Command Line) and create a connect to the Database via SQLCMD

Type: sqlcmd -S localhost\$InstanceNAME -U sa -P $Password   > Press Enter

$InstanceNAME  > SQL Instance Name

$Password > you defined sa Password

Now you can use the following command to create a Database:

Type: Create Database DNN  > Press Enter

Type: go > Press Enter



8. Configure SQL Settings

To Configure your DNN Database you have to select "SQL Server/SQL Server Express Database and under Security "User Defined". Then add the Database Name (you have previously created) and the sa Password to configure the Database.

  Congratulations the DNN Application is now finished installed

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