Managing a folder with a million files in an ASP application

Lately, I’ve been working on an interesting issue of IIS6 hosting an ASP application where we see that the ASP requests take long time to process requests and ends up hanging the whole worker process.   Well, in such scenarios, the best way to find out the root cause is to take the debugging approach….

High memory utilization in dbghost.exe when using Debugdiag

I have seen lately many issues where Administrators and developers alike are claiming that Debugdiag is causing the whole server to become unresponsive. In some situation, the debugger host (dbghost.exe) grows uncontrollably in memory consumption causing it to shutdown which will bring the target process the debugger was attached to to terminate as well.  In…


How to analyze multiple userdumps and generate one report per userdump using Debugdiag 1.1

In many situations, you may find it useful to analyze multiple userdumps at once but generate an analysis report for each userdump analyzed. The Debugdiag UI can still do that, but there is no option now (1.1) to make it generate one analysis report per userdump. If -let’s say- you would like to analyze 10…