General Availability of Visual Studio Lab Management announced

Today, at the Visual Studio Live event in Seattle, Dave Mendlen – Senior Director of Developer Marketing at Microsoft announced the final release of Lab Management in the Visual Studio 2010 release. We are announcing the general availability of the Lab Management capability as end of August, 2010. In addition to general availability we also…


Getting started with Lab Management – VS2010 RC (Part 3)

Configuring the “system under test” in VS The system under test for the purpose of this walkthrough is a simple calculator web service with its unit tests. Start by creating a new team project in VS. Connect to the TFS server and create a team project (Labwalkthru). The solution is attached to the blog post….


Getting started with Lab Management – VS2010 RC (Part 1)

We had a previous walkthro that shows lab management in action with VS2010 Beta2. This walk thru is an update of the same walkthru but using the RC bits. Between Beta2 and RC, the lab management product has had a lot of improvements, especially in the getting started path. This post is an attempt to…


Troubleshooting errors in lab management

Last updated: 12th May 2010 Welcome to the troubleshooting page for lab management in Visual Studio 2010. This is a repository of errors we have seen in different scenarios and the ways to fix it. You can either search for your error or browse by category. If your error is not on this list, please…


Trends in Software Testing

Tanuj Vohra (Partner Director of Program Management, Visual Studio Test Business) has recently published a nice article on Trends in Software Testing on It is summarizing the current trends and techniques of software testing. Test Labs Virtualization is of course one of the items there, as well as other solutions that are part of…


Cool Visual Studio 2010 Video

Long time has passed since the last post… The team is working hard to get our bug count to zero, getting Beta1 ready for customers. A lot of hard work polishing the product and making sure it will be stable and have good performance. There is still some work left for Beta2, and we also…