Beta2 to RC Upgrade Checklist

Upgrading TFS and Lab Management from Beta2 to RC requires a few steps. After working with several customers, we saw that a checklist of all the tasks can be helpful. So we created a checklist of all the general tasks required, and also created a tool that will generate all the additional tasks required according to your specific setup. The tool queries your TFS server, and generates all the project collection tasks, build controllers and agents upgrade tasks, test controller and agent tasks, as well as all the tasks required to upgrade the Lab Management VMs, Templates and Environments.

You should read the TFS Beta 2 to RC Upgrade Guide and the Lab Management Beta 2 to RC Guide, as the tool just lists the tasks, and if you need more details about each task you will find it in the guides.

How to use the checklist

1. Download the attachment of this post, and extract to any folder on a computer that has Visual Studio 2010 RC installed. The folder contains:

a. Upgrade Checklist.xlsx – an Excel workbook.

b. UpgradeCheckListGenerator.exe – a command line tool for generating your specific checklist according to your TFS setup.

2. Open the Excel file, and read and follow the instructions in the ‘Instructions’ sheet. It will direct you through the TFS upgrade as well as how to use the tool to generate your TFS setup-specific checklist.

Have an easy upgrade, and feel free to add comments to this post about the tool and any suggestions for improvements, so we will be able to improve it for the upgrade from RC to RTM.

Pre-reqs for running the UpgradeCheckListGenerator.exe: the tool must run on a machine that has Visual Studio 2010 RC installed, and should point to a TFS server that has already been upgraded to RC. So, as suggested by the check list in the excel, first upgrade the server, then generate the dynamic checklist and follow its steps.

Comments (2)

  1. BHardister says:


    I have a beta 2 installation of TFS/LM, but my next step is to install RC on new multi-tier topology.

    Where’s the installation guide and checklist?

  2. Bob,

    Looks like you want to do a fresh install of RC. This page has the links to downloads, documentation (includes checklist and setup guide), and other resources such as VM prep tool, videos, etc that help you get started quickly:

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