Lab Management 2010 Beta2 to RC Upgrade Guide

TFS 2010 Release Candidate (RC) will be released later this month, and Lab Management will be included with it. We want to give you some time to get prepared for it, and we are releasing the Lab Management 2010 Beta2 to Release Candidate Upgrade Guide today. It is attached to this post as a word document, so it will be easy for you to browse through it and print it if needed. There are a few pre-upgrade tasks that you can start follow right away:

TFS upgrade is a pre-requisite to Lab Management upgrade, so make sure you read the TFS upgrade guide beforehand, and follow the steps described in it.

The Lab Management VM Prep Tool is also getting updated and will be released together with TFS RC release.

Stay tuned and make sure you visit this post again before you start the upgrade, as we will update the document based on comments from users and other feedback.

[Update]: the VM Prep Tool is released and can help with the upgrade. See this blog post on how to start using it.

[Update]: A checklist and a tool to generate your specific checklist is available for download.

Lab Management 2010 Beta2 to Release Candidate Upgrade Guide (V1.05).doc

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