VSTS 2010 Beta1 is Released!

Today, we have released Beta 1, and it is now available for download. We encourage customers and partners to download and evaluate the Beta, which ultimately results in changes and improvements to the final product.

Beta 1 represents a substantial amount of the functionality that will be in the final shipping version of the products. I may say we have about 95% of the functionality that we plan for our Version 1 of Lab Management.

Lab Management is part of this Beta, so you can start using it right away.

To find out how to download the beta and where to share your feedback, please visit the Visual Studio 2010 Product Page.

To ramp up real quick, follow the video on downloading & installing. Once you setup TFS, enabling Lab Management is pretty easy.

So, get it on your machines, find the productivity boost that you can get from it, and if you see any issues, please report them to us.

Note: we will not provide upgrade for Lab Management from Beta1 to Beta2 or the 2010 official release, so once Beta 2 will be available, you will need to reinstall lab. So don’t enable lab on your production Team System server at this time.

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