Deploying a multi-tier application using Lab Management with MS Deploy & VSDBCMD

In a previous post – Getting started with Lab Management (Part 4), we saw how to deploy a simple application to a Lab Environment. In this post, I will describe how to add more realistic steps which may be required to deploy your application. For testing a multi-tier ASP.NET MVC web application, I have created…


TFS 2010 Best Practice Analyser Beta2 is now available

Team Foundation Server Best Practice Analyser (BPA) a diagnostic tool (released as part of TFS 2010 Power Tools) is now available for public download; see Brian Harry’s post on the announcement. You can download it from the MSDN Visual Studio Gallery. Lab Management checks are now also integrated with the BPA. So when you do…


Time for feedback about Beta 2

It has been almost 6 weeks since Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 was released. Some of you have already upgraded your live TFS and started using test and lab management with your teams and gave us specific feedback, which we are taking seriously and incorporating in the product. Some of you were more quiet… We…


Network isolation on Windows Server 2008 R2 hosts

Network isolation does not work on Windows Server 2008 R2 hosts if you are using Beta2 version of Visual Studio Team Lab Management. When you create an environment with network isolation on a 2008 R2 host and start it, you will get the following error: Network isolation timed out. Last known status: Acquiring external IP for…


Building VMs out of the downloadable Win2k8R2 vhds

This posts walks you through how to create VMs from the Win2K8R2 vhds you can download from here. If you are an SCVMM / Hyper-V expert, you can skip this section. Launch the downloaded exe C:\vmimages>"Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Evaluation (Full Edition).exe" Extract the image to your MSSCVMMLibrary and make two copies (one for…


Getting started with Lab Management (Part 4)

In the last post, we created the “system under test” and ensured that the TCM server has information on how to run these tests in a test environment. This post explains how to get the tests run automatically as part of a scheduled build / deploy / test workflow. Creating the deployment script The first…


Getting started with Lab Management (Part 3)

Configuring the “system under test” in VS The system under test for the purpose of this walkthrough is a simple calculator web service with its unit tests. Start by creating a new team project in VS. Connect to the TFS server and create a team project (Labwalkthru). The solution is attached to the blog post….


Getting started with Lab Management (Part 2)

Configure the TFS VM: In our setup, we will configure TFS server, the build controller, build agent to do the build process, test controller which will manage test execution and also as the dev box where we will write the code. This can be a VM in the same host if you can spare 2GB…


Getting started with Lab Management (Part 1)

  Lab management is a new addition to the Visual Studio family with VS2010. The product uses virtualization to build and manage labs in the dev / test environment. The promise of the product is three fold. Using virtualization, machine utilization and hardware costs of managing labs will be much better than building out and…


New blog design

As you may have noticed, the design of the blog has changed. Primary motivation of this redesign is to switch to a neutral white background which is best suited for the screenshots as well as reading longer text. Another is to give a touch of branding.   The header uses signature colors of the Visual…