WCF RIA Services in Windows Azure AppFabric June CTP

If you’ve been using RIA in the cloud or are considering it, it is definitely worth your time to take a look at the Windows Azure AppFabric June CTP. The CTP is an early look at a platform that is positioned to simplify the development, deployment, and maintenance of applications in the cloud. We’ve made…


Windows Azure Table Storage LINQ Support

Windows Azure Table storage has minimal support for LINQ queries. They support a few key operations, but a majority of the operators are unsupported. For RIA developers used to Entity Framework development, this is a significant difference. I wanted to put together this short post to draw your attention to this link. When you use…


Windows Azure Table PartitionKey Options for TableDomainServices

There are three primary strategies when it comes to partitioning entities across Windows Azure Table Storage. You can: Put everything in the same partition Put everything in different partitions Put things in two or more specific partitions A full discussion of these options can be found in the Table Storage whitepaper, but I’ll take some…


Azure Table Storage Associations with RIA Services

For this post, I’ll assume you read my intro to Windows Azure Table Storage. If not, take a second to read it. This time around I’m skipping past the contextualizing. In my first entry, I showed how to get a simple entity all the way from Table Storage to Silverlight. It was a necessary step,…


RIA Services and Windows Azure Table Storage

We worked right up to the deadline, but I’m happy to say we got a preview of RIA support for Windows Azure Table Storage into the October Toolkit release (that coincides with the SP1 Beta release). You could integrate with table storage previously, but our goal was to make using it as simple as possible….


RIA and SQL Azure

In my first post on RIA and Azure, I showed how to create and modify a RIA business application to run on Windows Azure. In this post, I will cover roughly the same thing but I’ll adjust some of the steps to get the application running using both Windows and SQL Azure. Prepare SQL Azure…


RIA, Azure, and IntelliTrace

IntelliTrace is not supported for the RIA Services framework. There is currently a bug in Visual Studio 2010 IntelliTrace that leads to a runtime exception if RIA Services is instrumented to record call information. Since this is the default tracing option chosen by the Azure SDK tools, it is an easy trap to fall into….


RIA and Windows Azure

Earlier this week it was announced that Windows Azure now supports .NET 4. I figured a few of you would want to know how you could write a RIA Services application that ran on the cloud, so I thought I’d put something simple together to get you started. This post covers creating and modifying a…