Collection Binding Options in WCF RIA Services SP1

One of the most common tasks when developing a RIA Services application binding to a collection of data. There are some declarative options that include binding directly to your DomainContext or DomainDataSource. These options are great for spinning up applications quickly, but don’t translate well to view model patterns. For that reason, I thought it’d…


Introducing An MVVM-Friendly DomainDataSource: The DomainCollectionView

[This sample references out-of-date API. This newer post discusses the updates made for the V1 SP2 Preview and shows how to implement filtering.] There’ve been plenty of talk about an MVVM-friendly DomainDataSource. I’m pretty sure it means completely different things to different people. I even took a stab at defining it a while back. What…


Windows Azure Table PartitionKey Options for TableDomainServices

There are three primary strategies when it comes to partitioning entities across Windows Azure Table Storage. You can: Put everything in the same partition Put everything in different partitions Put things in two or more specific partitions A full discussion of these options can be found in the Table Storage whitepaper, but I’ll take some…


Azure Table Storage Associations with RIA Services

For this post, I’ll assume you read my intro to Windows Azure Table Storage. If not, take a second to read it. This time around I’m skipping past the contextualizing. In my first entry, I showed how to get a simple entity all the way from Table Storage to Silverlight. It was a necessary step,…


Using the Visual Studio Async CTP with RIA Services

I’ve been excited about this CTP for quite a while now and it’s great to finally have a chance to play with it. Way back in early RIA days we had a number of conversations with the TPL (Task Parallel Library) folks to see if we could use Task<T> with RIA. We were never quite…


RIA Services and Windows Azure Table Storage

We worked right up to the deadline, but I’m happy to say we got a preview of RIA support for Windows Azure Table Storage into the October Toolkit release (that coincides with the SP1 Beta release). You could integrate with table storage previously, but our goal was to make using it as simple as possible….


Improved binding support in EntitySet and EntityCollection

For our WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP1 Beta release we were finally able to improve binding support for EntitySets and EntityCollections. In our V1 release, EntitySet and EntityCollection did not support adding and removing entities through the IEditableCollectionView interface when used as the ItemsSource in a DataGrid or DataForm. While the details of the problem…


WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP1 Beta Released

WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP1 Beta along with WCF RIA Services October toolkit are now both available and ready to go live. You can download them from Check out these blogs for all the details. Deepesh’s Blog Tomek’s Blog Jeff’s Blog Later this week I will be looking deeper into two new features; EntitySet…