Introducing An MVVM-Friendly DomainDataSource: The DomainCollectionView

[This sample references out-of-date API. This newer post discusses the updates made for the V1 SP2 Preview and shows how to implement filtering.] There’ve been plenty of talk about an MVVM-friendly DomainDataSource. I’m pretty sure it means completely different things to different people. I even took a stab at defining it a while back. What…


Silverlight ComboBox Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve wanted to do a follow up to my original ComboBox post for a while now. I answered a number of the questions throughout the comments, but I thought I’d gather all the answers up and add some nice code samples. Hope this helps. How do I use a ComboBox in a DataForm? For most…


My Thoughts on an MVVM-friendly DomainDataSource

The DomainDataSource (DDS) could be a great example of an aggregate component. It has a simple public API and does a lot of awesome things at the flip of a switch. The only problem with the thought is there’s little-to-no aggregation going on. All the composition that occurs is hidden behind a wall of internal…


What is an MVVM-friendly DomainDataSource?

The second most requested feature on our WCF RIA Services Wish List is an MVVM-friendly DomainDataSource. The neat part about this request is that it means many different things to many different people. The challenge in addressing it is to figure out what are the most valuable changes that will satisfy the greatest number of…


Silverlight ComboBox Sample for RIA Services

I’ve been intending to write a sample using the ComboBox for a while. The more familiar you get with Silverlight, the more you realize the ComboBox causes all sorts of problems. I have mixed feelings about the proliferation of posts I’ve seen on this topic; on one hand, it’s great to see everyone getting involved;…


A Shout-Out (Sort of)

Jeff has a great blog where he talks about RIA Services regularly. I’d be remiss not to recommend him as the primary source when it comes to the DomainDataSource control. Also, I have to thank him for letting me guest post about custom Filters and Parameters last month. Thanks Jeff.