Koen Vosters

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CRM 2013 : Microsoft.Crm.SharedSetup.SetupException: The XML in the configuration file is not valid.

After testing our CRM 2013 installation scripts on our own environments, we decided to deploy them on the customer’s environment. As we were to expect a standard windows environment with IIS installed, we used the scripts we tested on identical environments. When we ran our scripts, we experienced the following error: Microsoft.Crm.SharedSetup.SetupException: The XML in… Read more

CRM 2013 Unattended Install: Backend Installation: Check WebServerValidator: The Website does not exist.

It took a while to figure this one out, given that I am not a CRM specialist. If you define that the backend server contains the DeploymentWebServiceRole, you also need to define the WebsiteUrl parameters in the xml file. If you don’t, you will get the above error that doesn’t really explain that it is… Read more