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Unexpected DLL in a WSP package

When you are building SharePoint projects based on a framework/base approach you’ll find yourself in the situation where you want to use specific modules from one of your base projects. The correct way to do that is to ensure that the required features are activated on the farm / web application / site collection / site that provision you those… Read more

SPCustomLayoutsPage AccessDenied not showing the custom page

Symptom: The custom AccessDenied page is showing the wrong page. Basicaly we were missing the request access link on our accessdenied page. First things to check is that the outgoing email settings are enabled and if the site settings allow the user to request access. All those things were set correctly, so it had to… Read more

Cumulative Updates October 2011 for SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010

Today the cumulative updates for October have been released for SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010. SharePoint Foundation: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2553050 SharePoint Server: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2553048 Take into account that for the Server Version you will need to restart the User Profile Service (as described in the KB) and remember, as with all CU’s, test before applying to your production… Read more

This item cannot be deleted because it is still referenced by other pages.

The following error pops up when you are trying to remove a masterpage that is still being referenced. In SharePoint 2010 you can detect where the masterpages are being referenced through powershell. In the same script you can update the reference to make sure that there are no references left before you remove the masterpage. In… Read more

BIWUG October 2011 – SharePoint Governance + The past, present and future of BIWUG + SharePint

A new breeze is flowing through the BIWUG organisation, resulting in a new session about governance and an overview of where the BIWUG was and where it is planning to go. To wrap things up, we gather for a nice beer at the Microsoft offices! Agenda18:00-19:00 Welcome with snacks19:00-19:15 Introduction19:15-20:15 SharePoint Governance (Speaker Patrick Sledz):… Read more