Using the Sequence Styling

One of the most commonly used designers and generally the root is the Sequence activity. Of course, we spent some amount of time adding the animation and styling to the the Sequence Activity Designer.

However, due to a number of reasons(costs mainly), the activity designer is internal. However, the good news is customers can take advantage of the styling and animation that of the sequence designer so all the composite designers can avail to it and have a consistent experience throughout their workflow authoring.

This is through:

  <ContentPresenter x:Uid="ContentPresenter_1" Content="{Binding}" Style='{x:Static sacdt:DesignerStylesDictionary.SequenceStyle}'/>

where sacdt is for System.Activities.Core.Presentation.Themes namespace in System.Core.Presentation assembly.



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  1. WillSullivan says:

    Now THATS a good one, thanks.  Just used this in my project, heheh.

  2. Ammit says:

    I partially agree with you. I will try out the solution you are proposing for sure.Do i also get the control flow feature with the styling in other words if i have applied style for If/Else activity then how will i be able to connect through control flow in Flowchart designer and on the runtime will it act the similar way?

    I admit i am little reluctant to this change as in Beta1 days the life was much easier as i can just decorate my activity with .NET designer classes and wallah everything is achieved i do not quite need to do anything special.


  3. Jeremy says:

    Is this still available in the release? I get:

    error MC3050: Cannot find the type ‘DesignerStylesDictionary’. Note that type names are case sensitive.

  4. You need to add a reference to System.Activities.Core.Presentation. That is where DesignerStylesDictionary is defined.

  5. Nick Sullivan says:

    Thanks for the tip, an example project would be great.

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