Re-hosting the Workflow Desinger in Read-Only Mode

One of the questions, we get fomr customers is how can we re-host the designer in a Read-Only mode. Well, here you go:


For Re-hosting a Flowchart, we have:


this.wd = new WorkflowDesigner();

this.wd.Load(new Flowchart());


Going further, to make this Flowchart ReadOnly, add:


ReadOnlyState state = this.wd.Context.Items.GetValue<ReadOnlyState>();

state.IsReadOnly = true;


This should get the designer in the read-only mode so that no other activities can be added or none of the activity properties changed.




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  1. Nicoleta Scrimint says:

    I used this approach to make the workflow designer readonly, still it is possible to modify values in the activity properties. When I leave the activity properties by pressing enter or just click outside the editors, the value goes back to the original value, so the activity properties cannot be changed, still the user can edit them in the editor.

    Could you please recommend an approach to make the activity properties readonly?

    Thank you for your support.

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