WF 4.0 Templates – Beta2

During Beta1, I had talked about the templates we are shipping in depth and our rationale around here. However, we got a lot of feedback around them as this is one where which has the first visibility and more or less is taken as some form of guidance from us(product team) around how to start…


During Workflow authoring, customers generally want their Toolbox to be context sensitive. For example, if a specific activity is added to the workflow, then they want to ensure that the Toolbox shows a few additional activities. Or if the activities are removed from the workflow, the toolbox should react appropriately based on the domain requirements….


Re-hosting the Workflow Desinger in Read-Only Mode

One of the questions, we get fomr customers is how can we re-host the designer in a Read-Only mode. Well, here you go:   For Re-hosting a Flowchart, we have:   this.wd = new WorkflowDesigner(); this.wd.Load(new Flowchart());   Going further, to make this Flowchart ReadOnly, add:   ReadOnlyState state = this.wd.Context.Items.GetValue<ReadOnlyState>(); state.IsReadOnly = true;  …