Error: Cannot uninstall Language Pack 0 because it is not deployed when attempting to uninstall-spsolution on sharepoint 2010 foundation

Recently i got this error while updating the WSP's using powershell command Update-SPSolution commandlet.

following step i executed to fix the issue

1.Checked the solution store(Central Administration-->System Settings--> Manage farm solutions) and saw that the solution I was updating was not deployed and thrown error. The error it gave was not able to do GAC diployment of the dll. So i went to GAC and uninstall the WSPs related dlls  and deployed the wsps again from central admin.

2. From services.msc I stopped and restarted the SharePoint 2010 Timer service and the SharePoint 2010 Administration service.

3. Then i ran the power shell command again. this time the WSP got updated.


Hope this help , while any one of you face this issue.


Comments (1)

  1. Tino says:

    Got the error when running the Uninstall-SPSolution command. The steps described are no solution formy case.

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