Windows sounds == techno music!

While searching doing some google searches today, I came across this litle gem: Who would’ve thought that someone heard music in these sounds?


Simple way to check if you’re on a 64-bit machine

In some of my tests, I need to check if I’m on a 64-bit machine or not.  Yesterday, I spent some time looking through the System.Environment class or System.Diagnostics class to see if there was a static method or something that I could call to check if the machine I was on was a 64-bit…


Exploring pe file headers using managed code

One of the test apps that I am updating needs to determine what type of assembly a particular file is (I386, Itanium, x64, etc.) and also to determine whether a file is managed or not. I talked to Josh Willams, a dev on the 64-bit team, and he pointed me to checking out the file…


Hello and welcome to my blog!

Hello!  I would just like to welcome y’all to my new blog.  I am a tester on the CLR team and wanted to post things here that I learn.  The people on this team are spectacularly smart, so I am always learning something new every day!