Maybe if we’d taken the class sooner, we’d have published the book sooner…

Quite a few new books hitting the streets next week, but here's one I'm personally looking forward to: Take Back Your Life!: Using Microsoft® Outlook® to Get Organized and Stay Organized

This book is based on a class called "Managing Action" that a lot of us take here at Microsoft (if we can find the time<g>). It may be the single best course I've ever taken in terms of resultant productivity gains (and I've been in this business for 12 years now), and I'm please to finally see it in book form where it can reach a lot more people.

Although my colleagues in the Office 2003 group might come by and smack me for saying so, you don't need to be an Outlook user to get a lot out of this book. Most of the tips, tricks, and best practices can be applied to any e-mail/scheduling program. If you find yourself constantly struggling to keep on top of an ever-expanding inbox, you should read this book. is taking pre-orders now.

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