How does FAST/Sharepoint handle the language refiner?

Here is a good question that comes up quite a bit in discussion.

How does FAST/Sharepoint handle the language refiner?  

There are three language fields in FS4SP, DetectedLanguage, language, and languages. There is a description field foreach field but SP does not give much more information to know what is really
going on behind the scenes here. Generally there is a crawled property to managed property mapping that helps determine how a field is populated however
there is no crawled property mapping for the language and languages fields.

So you need to understand that “language” is an internal property that holds the primary language that got detected for the document, at feeding time, as an ISO
639-1 code (en/fr/de/etc…) or “unknown”.

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  1. The language of a document is detected automatically while indexing and appears in a managed property called 'DetectedLanguage'. In order to use this as a refiner locate the managed property and enable refinement for it.

    Then you would have to change the refiner configuration of the Refinerment Web Part in order to include it.

    There's a guide at TechNet on how to do this:…/gg193929.aspx

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