Creating and Hosting an even more Minimal WCF Service in .NET 4 using F#

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 will include support for a new language called F#. I must admit that you have to learn how to love F#, it’s not that often love at first sight, because you just can’t figure out what is going on. Even though I’m beginning to like F# more and more and who knows… I might even love it some time soon. Today I got the time to think a lot, during a drive to and from a customer of mine, about how it should be to implement my minimal WCF 4 Service using F#, and it turned out to be pretty straight forward. I think I’ll be trying to use more of F# later on.

Notice how I decided to use the F# function printfn to output text to the console instead of Console.WriteLine which I could have used if I’d liked to.

   1: open System
   2: open System.ServiceModel
   3: open System.ServiceModel.Description
   5: [<ServiceContract>]
   6: type TimeService() =
   7:     [<OperationContract>]
   8:     member this.GetTime() =
   9:         DateTime.Now
  11: let main = 
  12:     use host = new ServiceHost(typeof<TimeService>, new Uri("http://localhost:4711"))
  13:     host.Description.Behaviors.Add(new ServiceMetadataBehavior(HttpGetEnabled = true));
  14:     host.Open()
  16:     printfn "Service is up'n running at %s" (host.Description.Endpoints.[0].Address.ToString())
  17:     printfn "Press any key to shut down service"
  18:     Console.ReadKey()
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