Passing custom data to your Azure VMs, a metadata service workaround?!

Sometimes you develop a solution where your VM need to be aware of itself and the information associated with the VM during deployment: What is the Azure identification of me as a VM Instance? What datacenter/region have I been deployed to? What is the Fully Qualified Domain Name, FQDN, for me as a Virtual Machine?…


The Git Command Line 101 for Windows Users

I’m currently working on a project using Git as source control system and I thought it would be useful to write down some notes and questions that have been answered during this project. Git, GitHub and TFS, what’s what? So, here is a really good start if you are new to Git. Let’s straighten out…


TechEd Europe 2013

I’m currently preparing for my session at TechEd Europe 2013 and I suddenly feel the urge to once again start blogging to my own MSDN Blog. The last years I’ve been busy updating other blogs, social networks etc. but my own blog has kind of been left to itself. It’s time for a change! If…


Unit testing with Microsoft Moles

I’ve been thinking for a while: “How come Microsoft doesn’t have a Mocking Library like Moq, Rhino Mock, NMock, Typemock, etc?”. Off course you could argue that we don’t need one of our own, you could use one of the existing once or you could just implement some stubs yourself. I’ve lately been drawn towards…


Creating and Hosting an even more Minimal WCF Service in .NET 4 using F#

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 will include support for a new language called F#. I must admit that you have to learn how to love F#, it’s not that often love at first sight, because you just can’t figure out what is going on. Even though I’m beginning to like F# more and more…


Creating and hosting a minimal WCF Service in .NET 4

12th of March… that’s the date when we release Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4. I’m so excited and if you have a MSDN Subscription you can already download the Release Candidate right now. If you don’t have a MSDN Subscription you’ll have to wait some more hours before you can download the release…


Installing the Visual Studio 2008 Development Stack… in the right order

I just installed Windows 7 RC and once again found myself sitting with a clean Windows installation with no applications installed. That might be a nice feeling, but if you are like me, you will start to feel bored and actually a little bit lost within a couple of minutes without Visual Studio 🙂 So…


Silverlight 2

Yesterday, we released Silverlight 2. You can learn more about Silverlight 2 and install it on the official Microsoft Silverlight Site. I for sure will dig deep into Silverlight in a couple of days. silverlight.RealeaseNewVersionToPublic(new Version(2, 0)); // See you around!


VSTS Developer Edition merges with Database Edition

Good news for all you developers that are also working with databases (I know… that’s probably all of you.) We have made changes to Visual Studio Team System Editions. From now on Developer Edition and Database Edtion can be seen as one Edition. If you own or are about to buy one of these editions,…