How does Virtual Earth 3D find and load plugins?

On startup VE3D looks in the Plugins folder of the install directory (ProgramFiles\Virtual Earth 3D) and iterates through the assemblies in each subfolder of Plugins. A plugin named Sample would install itself as C:\Program Files\Virtual Earth 3D\Plugins\Sample\Sample.dll. Note that this folder doesn’t exist by default so your plugin installer will need to create it. Next…


Using a plugin to add a billboard to Virtual Earth 3D

To add objects to the VE3D world we need to create our own actor that knows how to render itself. Actors descend from Microsoft.MapPoint.Rendering3D.Steps.Actors.Actor and must override the Render method. When it comes time to render a frame, all actors have their Render method called to queue up renderable objects. To show a billboard we’ll…



using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Drawing; using System.Text;   using Microsoft.MapPoint.PlugIns; using Microsoft.MapPoint.Rendering3D; using Microsoft.MapPoint.Rendering3D.Cameras;   namespace VirtualEarth3DSamplePlugins.Billboard {     public class BillboardPlugin : PlugIn     {         #region Constructor         public BillboardPlugin(Host host)             : base(host)         {           }         #endregion         #region Overrides…



using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Drawing; using System.Text;   using Microsoft.MapPoint.Rendering3D; using Microsoft.MapPoint.Rendering3D.GraphicsProxy; using Microsoft.MapPoint.Rendering3D.Steps.Actors; using Microsoft.MapPoint.Geometry.VectorMath;   namespace VirtualEarth3DSamplePlugins.Billboard {     class BillboardActor : Microsoft.MapPoint.Rendering3D.Steps.Actors.Actor     {         private SpriteGraphicsObject billboard;         private Texture texture;           #region Constructor         public BillboardActor(LatLonAlt position)         {             this.texture…



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Creating a Hello World plugin for Virtual Earth 3D

With latest release of the Virtual Earth 3D release we now support loading plugins to perform additional functionality not implemented in the main product. Two new features of the release are even implemented as plugins (bird’s eye photos and user created models). To get you started with creating your own plugin for VE3D here’s a short…


Is your e-mail going unanswered?

As a general rule the chance of your e-mail getting a response is inversely proportional to the number of people on the To and Cc lines. Let’s take an example: You e-mail Bob a question. Bob now feels directly responsible for your question and promptly replies. You e-mail Bob, Anna, and Frank a question and…


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Virtual Earth update

Virtual Earth released a new version this afternoon; read about the new features on the Virtual Earth blog.