The subtle scent of change still wafting in the air.

So It’s been nearly four years at Microsoft here for me.  I’ve had a great tenure working on VSTO, but as time moves and things change, so must we.  About a month ago a very interesting opportunity arose that I could not pass up, it has caused me to leave the VSTO team to a different team within the greater Visual Studio umbrella.  My job has changed significantly (I no longer have direct impact on the quality of VSTO) and I’m now under a different title.

But what does it mean?  Most likely for for those who read my blog to hear about VSTO deployment for at least a year or two, not much, VSTO is still a very interesting technology to me, and I maintain contacts with members of that team, so as I have time I will still write about interesting VSTO related information.  I may actually have an easier time blogging because I won’t have to try and remember what is “new and secret” and should not be announced yet.

On the other hand, I now also have access to a whole new area of information, and I may occasionally post interesting stuff about what I’m doing there.  So what am I doing now?  I’m not testing products as my main focus today, rather I’m building stuff for those who do test products.  I’m working as part of an internal group that develops and supports the base test automation tools we use for driving Visual Studio.  So while I am no longer a “Tester” I lost the “t” in my title in the transition, in many ways I'm still very much in the test field.  As for what I will write about?  Most likely I’ll start talking about interesting experiments, interesting automation related bugs and stuff about the fundamentals of smarter automation design.

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