A day at the movies.

It's been quiet.  I've been super busy with a lot of things.  Some things I can talk about and mostly things I can't.  What I can talk about:  I went to PAX this last weekend.  PAX (also known as Penny Arcade Expo) is a big convention for us "gaming" enthusiasts.  When I say "gaming" I mean computer games, board games and of course the run of the old school pen and paper role-playing games (ala Dungeons and Dragons).

PAX is one of those things that helps me recharge once a year, get a bit of a look into what is coming down the pipeline and occasionally just see what other interesting things are going on in the entertainment industries of my choice.  At PAX I tend to focus more on seeing things rather than playing (I usually try a couple of game) there were some very interesting videos of the new stuff coming up and some very compelling demos also.  One thing in particular leapt out at me:  Popfly might be a very inspiring way of easing some of those non-programmer folks into understanding how things are put together.  I completely recommend taking a moment to look at this, especially if you have children you want to get interesting into the whole software industry.  At one point a 12 year old (I think he was 12, may have been younger) was demonstrating his game "apple eater".  Pretty much a Pac-man clone that he put together. 

So enough with the games, I know most of you are probably more interested in VSTO.  So here is something related to VSTO.   I have to admit that for me this is kind of an ego boost.  I don't generally put together videos since I feel like I don't have anything worth saving to a camera but when given the opportunity to create one focused on some of the VS 2008 Sp1 features, I couldn't pass it up.  It's pretty short, but there you go.

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