It was a joke!

Unfortunately, I think it has come to this. I will not be posting anything personal, or what I find humorous on this blog anymore. Back in April, I wrote this post about bringing back personal thoughts, etc back to this blog.  From the various comments I received from everyone, this is something that was mentioned…


Getting Ready for Battlestar Galactica Season 3

The SciFi Channel is reving us up with 10 short Webisodes called “The Resistance” for the countdown to the Battlestar Galactica – Season 3 premier. These ten promotional prequel webisodes chronicle the events that follow the Season 2 finale and leads directly into the Season 3 premiere. Can’t wait…Can’t wait….Can’t wait 🙂 – Keith


When the heck did you find the time to do all this music?

A few folks have asked me this question over the past few months, primarily, because at the end of 2005 I released 3 CDs, and then I’ve released 3 more this year.  First of all, most of this music already existed.  I just hadn’t polished it up, and was unsure of exactly the distribution method…


John Mayer needs a Haircut

So I’m packing today for my trip, and preferrably I fly America Airlines if at all possible.  I’m one of those guys who actually likes to read the America Way magazine and I usually stuff the complimentary copy of the magazine in my bag if I don’t finish it before my flight completes. Well, anyways….A…


Review of Sidetracks – Volume 3 by Bill Binkelman of Wind and Wire

Bill Binkelman, founder and current webmaster of Wind and Wire, performed the following review of Sidetracks – Volume 3 – The Heikkinen Exclusive. With his permission, I’m including the review in it’s entirety here, and have incorporated quick links to the samples of each track from the CD that he speaks directly on throughout the…


My Top 10 Songs for the month ending July 2006

The results are in!  Following is the top 10 of my songs based on digital downloads and CD’s for the month ending July 2006! Ranking Song CD 1 Keeping the dream alive Sidetracks – Volume 3 – The Heikkinen Exclusive 2 Ciarra Sidetracks – Volume 1 3 Swiss Chocolate Factory Sidetracks – Volume 1 4…


Review of Rain in Central Park on Space Junkies Magazine

This is so cool 🙂 Wednesday Elektra of Space Junkies Magazine has created a song review of Rain in Central Park from my CD Réalité De Destination, and she described it exactly how I envisioned it! Because Space Junkies is only a monthly online magazine, every issue is removed after it’s publication run and replaced…


Dreamy, majestic, and ambient music sure to relax and calm the spirit while performing MOSS testing :)

The Maestoso Interstellar Suite Well, it certainly helps calm my spirit while performing MOSS and WSS 3.0 testing 🙂 You can play all the samples by clicking here, or to listen to individual samples, please visit The Maestoso Interstellar Suite Information page.  This CD can be purchased here! At the beginning of June 2006, during…


History of Musical Influences by that SharePoint Guy – Part 3 – 1980-1981

History of Musical Influences by that SharePoint Guy – Part 3 – 1980-1981 Before I start with 1980, let me note that I’m afraid the same thing that happened after I made my previous post in this series of becoming inspired to create a piece of work based on the artists in that time frame…


My High School Fight Song

My wife is planning her 20 year High School reunion, so I’ve set her up a SharePoint site to utilize for coordination, etc, and so all her friends can meet at one place, discuss, plan, etc (Yes, there’s,, etc, but those have limitations for what she wants to do). It’s also the high…