Understanding SharePoint – Part 6 – Duplicate Content Sources bound to multiple indexes causes duplicate alerts to be fired

I had a theory that this caused problems and validated it today while working with a customer who has a large number of content sources spread across multiple indexes. Note: First of all, poking around through the UI to look at all the details of indexes, content sources, etc is a real pain.  Thus (You…


Rich Text column for Document Libraries don’t work as expected

In this previous post, I discussed how I spent most of my evenings and vacation time updating my indieOpolis site to utilize WSS 3.0. One of the things I wanted to accomplish during this “rebuild” was to utilize the Rich Text column type for the details section of each CD release I have, but I…


Capacity Planning for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007

The Capacity Planning documentation is available for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. For WSS 3.0, click here. For MOSS 2007, click here. Now that these are official, I’ll be updating the Capacity Planning checker portion of SPSiteManager to reflect these.  Enjoy!  – Keith  

Editing pages with SharePoint Designer: Lesson Learned

“Check Out!” Edit, test ,test , test, edit, test ,test, test, test. Check In. Ready for more editing? “Check Out First!!!!” I have definitely learned my lesson.  – Keith  


Using SharePoint as an aid to my Tangerine Dream Collection project

In my previous post, I commented that I’ve updated my indieOpolis site to WSS 3.0,  As well, I’ve migrated my Tangerine Dream Collection Project site to WSS 3.0 under the indieOpolis server as well. This past weekend, I spent “WAY TOO MUCH TIME” re-generating everything from scratch for a few reasons: I hated what I…


indieOpolis updated for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Over the past few evenings (during what little spare time I’ve had :)), I re-created the indieOpolis site completely from scratch to use Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 now that it has released.  Check it out at http://www.indieopolis.net (Yeah, I moved it off the host name of WSS, and yep…I broke about 10,000 links in the…


SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Crawl Performance Part 2

Tony has made yet another good posting in his “SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Crawl Performance” series. Check it out here! I think when Tony has completed this series (If there is ever an end as he’s still got V3 to start talking about (hint hint Tony :):):)), the will be a great series of postings on…