Welcome Tony McIntyre to the blogging community!

Tony McIntyre from my old team has started blogging!!!!

Check out his first post titled SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Crawl performance Part 1

This is a great article to hook on while also checking out my article Understanding SharePoint - Part 1 - Understanding the SharePoint Portal Server Indexer. Tony has also done a ton of work on debugging iFilter issues, and has a wealth of information to bring to the table, so everyone give him a warm welcome!

I remember the days (I mean nights) of deep night CritSit phone hand offs with one another. (And sorry buddy, I don't miss them one darn bit :))

- Keith


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  1. Point2Share says:

    Keith just pointed out that another "SharePoint Legend" at Microsoft has started blogging, Tony , welcome

  2. Sid says:

    A great starting point! Thanks Keith & Tony 🙂

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