Music and indieOpolis related blog postings moving.

All future music and indieOpolis related blog postings will be created here, and you can Subscribe here ! I’ve ported a few key music related posts there to set the stage for the remainder of the “History of musical influences…” and “Tangerine Dream collection project” postings. Check it out!  – Keith


SPSiteManager 2.3 available for download!

The version of SPSiteManager can now be downloaded from the SharePoint Utility Suite project on Codeplex at the following URL: For more information on what’s new in SPSiteManager, see the following 2 posts: SPSiteManager 2.2 complete Hey! Where can I get SPSiteManager 2.2??? I’ll now be concentrating on finishing up the version for…

It was a joke!

Unfortunately, I think it has come to this. I will not be posting anything personal, or what I find humorous on this blog anymore. Back in April, I wrote this post about bringing back personal thoughts, etc back to this blog.  From the various comments I received from everyone, this is something that was mentioned…

Hey! Where can I get SPSiteManager 2.2??? It’s not in the Utility Suite!

A lot of folks are asking me where they can get SPSiteManager 2.2 since I noted that it was complete.  SPSiteManager (along with an update to SPUserUtil, and a couple of other tweaks) were going to be packaged up as the 2.6 release of The SharePoint Utility Suite and updated at the SharePoint Products and Technologies…


Getting Ready for Battlestar Galactica Season 3

The SciFi Channel is reving us up with 10 short Webisodes called “The Resistance” for the countdown to the Battlestar Galactica – Season 3 premier. These ten promotional prequel webisodes chronicle the events that follow the Season 2 finale and leads directly into the Season 3 premiere. Can’t wait…Can’t wait….Can’t wait 🙂 – Keith