Thanks All! – The #1 download from the SharePoint Products and Technologies Web Component Directory is now The SharePoint Utility Suite

Thanks to everyone for helping make this happen by your suggestions and requests!


Sometime over the last couple of days, the SharePoint Utility Suite moved to the top of the Top Five Downloads ( )


Thanks John Kozell for your contribution with the .Net Protocol Handler

Thanks Larry Kuhn for your contribution with the SharePoint Portal Server Search Property config

Thanks Dan Winter for your Refresh List contribution.

Thanks to Joel Oleson for recommending it as the #1 Must Have tool set!


Thanks to Chris Gideon and Raymond Hung for their contributions to making SPSiteManager even more powerful and useful than before!!!

SPSiteManager 2.2 is already proving great value with our customers with its new features ( ), and I could not have done it without you.  The updated Analysis and remedial features are helping our customers by identifying growth and usage trends; exceptions to Capacity Planning Guidelines, and improving Search Performance via its site directory and Deep Crawl list cleanup tools.


Not only are customers finding great value out of these tools for their existing Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 deployments, but they are also

using these tools for preparation for MOSS 2007 Upgrades


Thanks again!



Keith Richie

Try the SharePoint Utility Suite at

"After Microsoft, I hope I'm remembered for more than just making one fine cup of coffee..."

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  2. JCMoriaud says:

    I’m interested in getting SPSiteManager V2.2 which is not included into the SPS Utility Suite V2.5 (

    Where can I download it?

    Actually, I have deleted by error the config_db of my backup site. I am unable to restore from the prod. I am getting the error message "The configuration database could not be found from this server. In order to backup any components you must first join this server to a farm." and I have tried this: "" without success.

    I was thinking that I could use the new feature of V2.2 (adddatabase) to restore the prod config_db. Does this make sense? Thanks!

  3. krichie says:

    There was a delay on getting 2.2 released on the web component directory, and I’m not sure the release will be put there.   I’ll be blogging on this either late today or tomorrow on the reasons and why.

    As for the ConfigDB issue, the new adddatabase operation in SPSiteManager is simply for "Content" databases and not the farm database (ConfigDB).   You will need to rebuild your farm by creating a new configDB.

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