The SharePoint Utility Suite recommended as number 1 tool kit of “must haves” !! Thanks Joel!

Joel Oleson has the following to say in his  Top 10 and a few "MUST HAVE" Management Tools for WSS v2 & SPS 2003 posting about the tools I've been writing:

Site, Database & User Management

Keith Richie has put in some huge investments to make the life of the IT Pro easier.  This is my number 1 tool on the this list of “must haves”.  Use it for Sites, Users, and managing databases.  Don’t forget to use this to move subsites, My sites, and move users between domains… This stuff is incredible.  He’s now working on the next rev of this and other cool stuff.  I recommend following his blog.

Thanks Joel!!

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  1. Greg says:

    Hi Keith,

    I am using the utility for site manager and wanted to use a xlst file to view the xml produced.  Do you have a standard file you like to use?  

    Thank You..


  2. krichie says:

    We were developing an XLST for it, but it was waiting on me to finish the 2.2 version of site manager before we completed it, as there were schema changes in it.    2.2 is now complete, so we’re going to address it again.   If you have an xlst that you think others would benefit from, feel free to share with others reading, but I do not have one complete yet.

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