Moving Personal stuff to MSN Spaces

I’ve decided that I really just want to keep Dev and technical related items on my MSDN blog.  I mean, that’s what it should be all about IMO. All my personal items are going to be moved over to my MSN Space at this time.  I’m not so sure that I’m sold on MSN Spaces…


SharePoint Fairies

Just had to share some of these recent photos of my kiddos we had done.  My 18 year old Kathryn, and my 2 year old Faith. These are the future SharePoint gurus in the house 🙂   Fairy Kisses The Conversation Little Wonder   And my personal favorite 🙂          


Hi Andrew!

One of my new peers asked me if I had blogged about my new position or if I told someone specifically. I can only assume that “Andrew” reads my blog frequently.  What I know is “Andrew” stated: “Cool news about Keith’s promotion!” Thanks Andrew!  Looking forward to working with you 🙂  – Keith

A new job, and new mission

I’m known sometimes as SPAM Master K in my world 🙂 Simply because of the amount of email I send out on alias’, etc within Microsoft in regards to SharePoint. I thought this was really funny, and would use this as my note here about me switching roles within Microsoft.   From: Newts’ New ManagerSent:…


SPUserUtil and SPSiteManager download location

More than a few folks have pinged me with the following quesitons, so I thought I’d repost on the subject to help clarify a few of these. Question:    Where exactly do I download SPUserUtil and SPSiteManager Answer:    These tools became part of a larger tool package call the SharePoint Utility Suite.  It’s location is on the…


The Microsoft Information Technology Collaboration Services Group wants you!

The Microsoft Information Technology Collaboration Services Group wants you! That’s right! MSIT Collaboration Services has an immediate opening for a Tier 3 Operations Analyst supporting cutting edge collaboration technologies such as SharePoint, Project Server and Windows Distributed File System. Apply now!  And, if you get the job…Chances are we’ll be working together at some point…

Recovering from Portal Chaos

So I’m attending the DCI Portals, Collaboration and Content Management Conference(, and my travel partner (Al Turner) and I just arrived after our trek from Miami Beach to the Doral resort, and what’s the first session we arrive just in time for? Recovering from Portal Chaos: Enterprise vs. Federated vs. Departmental Portals Gee, that’s right…


Moving a web and preserving permissions using SPUserUtil

A long time ago, in a cubicle far, far away…. I placed an entry into the SharePoint User Util documentation that listed a few scenarios where SPUserUtil could be used.  The entry had these famous words in it.   <details coming soon>   Well that was months ago [:)] And since then, I got just…


Orphaned Sites – Part 2

Orphaned Sites – Part 2 In my previous post “Orphaned Sites – Part 1” I detailed the following points: What’s an Orphaned Site? What do we know about what causes Orphaned Sites? How do I determine if I truly have an orphaned site? What we’ve done to prevent Orphaned Sites  What we’re doing to cleanup…


SharePoint Portal 2003 SP2 deployment issue

As SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SP2 has recently released, and I have seen at least two cases where the deployment is unsuccessful due to a Database Schema Upgrade failure, I thought I would share this   KEEP IN MIND THAT THE KB IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING UPDATED I’m just trying to ensure that…