PowerShell for Programmers: Basic Syntax – Variables, Objects, and Data Types

Variables Variables in PowerShell are going to be a bit different than they are for you in most languages. To start out the conversation, the basic way to create a variable is just by using a “$” and an “=”, but there are cmdlets and other ways to generate them. Accessing variables requires a pre-pended…


PowerShell for Programmers: A Quick Start Guide

Learning PowerShell can be very useful for people with programming experience. Whether you’re currently a developer, dev-ops, or an admin you can get some serious use out of being familiar with PowerShell. You might think its just a version of command prompt with an eye-burning color scheme, but it really is a full scripting language…


PowerShell For Programmers: Basic Syntax — CMDLETs

PowerShell might look really strange to you. Many people assume PowerShell is basically CMD-prompt 2.0 because of the way it looks, but it really is a fully operational scripting language underneath. PowerShell has something called a cmdlet (command-let), which for the most part is the same idea as functions you’re used to from other languages….