PowerShell for Programmers: The Magic Switch!

Welcome back everyone, I’m trying out GitHub Gist for my code blocks this week. It lets you click and download them, as well as making them easy to edit. The downside is that I can’t use my usual dark themed syntax highlighting. Let me know in the comments if you like gist or the old method…


PowerShell For Programmers: Strings, Quotes and Quirks

Welcome back everyone! This will be a short, but important entry for the guide. The difference between quote characters is something I’m asked about all the time. It is important to understand in PowerShell, but most of the time it probably won’t make a difference. TLDR: If you’re just typing a value like “alg” then…


PowerShell for Programmers: How to write a function the right way

Just like I mentioned in my first post, PowerShell supports a lot of stuff that makes it pretty easy to dive in and get stuff running. The following two examples are supported in PowerShell, but not something you should really be doing for any reusable tool set. Putting your parameters (arguments) next to the function…


PowerShell for Programmers: What happened to my operators?

Operators are one of the most frustrating things about learning PowerShell if you’re coming from just about any other language in existence. Operators like ==, <=, !=. etc. are almost ubiquitous in programming, but none of them are supported in PowerShell. This can lead to some pretty frustrating errors with things like If statements. You…


PowerShell for Programmers: Basic Syntax – Variables, Objects, and Data Types

Variables Variables in PowerShell are going to be a bit different than they are for you in most languages. To start out the conversation, the basic way to create a variable is just by using a “$” and an “=”, but there are cmdlets and other ways to generate them. Accessing variables requires a pre-pended…


PowerShell for Programmers: A Quick Start Guide

Learning PowerShell can be very useful for people with programming experience. Whether you’re currently a developer, dev-ops, or an admin you can get some serious use out of being familiar with PowerShell. You might think its just a version of command prompt with an eye-burning color scheme, but it really is a full scripting language…


PowerShell For Programmers: Basic Syntax — CMDLETs

PowerShell might look really strange to you. Many people assume PowerShell is basically CMD-prompt 2.0 because of the way it looks, but it really is a fully operational scripting language underneath. PowerShell has something called a cmdlet (command-let), which for the most part is the same idea as functions you’re used to from other languages….