Jason Mauss’ VSS Tips & Tricks

This deserves more than a trackback: Jason Mauss’ VSS Tips and Tricks


How To: Win an Autographed Visual Studio 2005 Baseball

In response to my previous post, Inspired Software Development::VSS Performance Improvements, Jason Mauss provides an excellent VSS performance tip: “Most people administrating VSS don’t seem to know about setting the CP_OnSelection value to NO. This is incredibly useful for users accessing VSS over a remote connection. Why? Normally whenever you click on a folder (a project or…


SourceSafe PowerToy: VSS User Management

[CheckItOut]  “A while ago the SourceSafe product team had a focus week on creating sample applications that solved common community issues. We call them “PowerToys”. The goal for these sample applications is to address frequently asked questions we observe in newsgroups/email/conferences etc. […] We will publish the PowerToys as GotDotNet workspaces. That way we can…


SQL ScriptSafe

Has anyone out there used SQL ScriptSafe? If so, did it meet your needs? Have you used similar tools? How does it compare?


VSSEMS – a Utility for SourceSafe Administrators

Currently, it is not possible to migrate or copy a list of users and their concominant rights/assignments from an existing VSS database to another one, using either shipped VSS features or programmatically, using IVSS.  However, our capable friends in Microsoft’s Product Support Services (PSS) have developed a tool that can perform this task automatically. You can download…


Pin: the “Share my greatest, not my latest” Feature in VSS

If you code like me, your latest version of a file or project is almost never your greatest.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just mark a version of a file or changeset as “use this one!” so that your teammates would stop bugging you about “issues” with the latest version? If you use SourceSafe, you can. …


My Blog Year in Review

It is often said that weblogging really took off on the day when you started blogging…or when I started blogging, as the case may be. This adage reminds me of a question that all Microsoft employees are asked on their first day of work. Q: What is the most important day in Microsoft’s history?A: Today, because today is…


SourceSafe and WinDBG

[Updated May 11, 2004 to fix gnarled grammar] If you are interested in automatically retrieving versioned source code files from Visual SourceSafe during a debugging session with WinDBG, just email me your address and I will send you tools and scripts that will allow you to do so. For a better description of this cool…

Copy-Modify-Merge for VSS

Rich explains how to allow multiple checkouts on a per project basis in Visual SourceSafe.  When you set Multiple_Checkouts to Yes in your SRCSAFE.INI or SS.INI file, you enable the Copy-Modify-Merge collaboration model that is often associated with CVS. When multiple checkouts are enabled in VSS, more than one developer can check out and edit the same files simultaneously. …


VSS and WinDBG ++ Together at Last

Are you a hardcore debugger:  a kernel-mode, device driver-writin’ stud?  Do you avoid chrome-plated GUI and your mouse at all costs?  If so, you can stop right now. This post isn’t exactly for you. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re one of the vast majority of my twenty three readers who are happy and content with…