Released: Visual Studio .NET SCC Plugin for gotdotnet Workspaces

As Peter Bromberg notes, we recently released an updated source control plug-in* for gotdotnet Workspaces that enables you to work on projects stored in gotdotnet (check in, check out, and other source control operations) from the comfort of your very own VS.NET 2005 (or 2003) IDE. [Peter Bromberg] “Kudos to GotDotNet Team: VS.NET SCC Workspaces Provider and FIX for…


Enumerating the # and names of files in a VSS folder

A customer asked me this question via email today. Unable to remember how to do this (I’ve been off VSS for over a year), I pinged one of the VSS team’s awesome developers, Alin, who promptly responded with this gem: “You can use VSS Automation to find out the number of files in a folder…


New SourceSafe Utility: DATAWIZ

Here’s a little internal Microsoft dirt: I’m the person behind the scenes who reviews and approves or rejects all gotdotnet User Samples submissions. For the record, this will not always be my job (things change) but for now, I actually look forward to completing at least one routine and manual task a day. Sure, I’ve considered…


TechEd Europe: Dev 466 Team Foundation Source Control

I’m blogging to you live from the RAI Congrescentrum in Amsterdam, Netherlands where Ashwin Karuhatty and Brian Randall are introducing European developers and IT professionals to Visual Studio Team Foundation version control (or source control, if you prefer). The excitement around this product is huge, palpable, (I’ve been pinch hitting for VSTS booth crew this week) and honestly, quite…


A New VSS Web Interface

This looks interesting: “SSWI is a Microsoft Visual Source Safe web interface that allows you to use all of Visual Source Safe’s features from Internet Explorer anywhere in the world. No client side installations required, simply point your browser at your SSWI server and you’re done.”


‘Change Source Control’ Menu Disappears in Visual Studio

A reader recently emailed me the following issue/question: “I recently installed the VS 2005 December CTP on a machine that also has VS 2003 installed. I uninstalled the CTP today and now my VS2003 ‘change source control’ menu choice (from the file menu) has disappeared. How do I get it back.” I’ve heard about this…


Source Control, GotDotNet, VS.NET, and Dream Job #3

Tone Engel reports that, “Joined the FlexWiki GotDotNet group last night for source code access which is provided through a custom source code control provider that integrates with Visual Studio.”* I am an avid FlexWiki and GotDotNet user/contributor and just recently joined the GotDotNet development team here at Microsoft. Prior to joining my new team last week, I worked on the…


VSS Analyze Script #4

Okay, I give in. Who is behind the new DevelopmentNow blog?Whoever it is, they just posted a VSS database analysis script (Win script…untested by me) that provides a third alternative to the two scripts (one PERL, one VBScript) and link to a third script that appear in my July 2003 post on the subject: End-to-End Analyze Script for Keeping a VSS Database Healthy.


VSS vs. Team Foundation Version Control | Checkout Behavior

“Unexpected Get” was the subject of a very interesting email thread that passed through my Outlook Inbox today. I mentioned the issue it raises in a previous post: Team Foundation vs. SourceSafe | Checking Out. Basically, VSS and Team Foundation perform check out operations in two very different ways.   Note   For an explanation of acronyms and codenames used in this thread, please refer to the…


Team Foundation vs. SourceSafe | Cloaking

Klingons and Romulans everywhere will bristle with pride when they learn that cloaking has survived the conceptual port from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation. Cloaking is a vital feature in VSS as it speeds up expensive Get operations and conserves disk space on your client by not retrieving items that you deem outside the scope of your project. For Team Foundation users,…