Web Access for Visual Studio Team System

Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, Brian Harry follows up on his recent announcement about Microsoft’s acquisition of of devBiz, developers of TeamPlain Web Access for VSTS. Brian heads up our Visual Studio Team Foundation development team, based in Raleigh, NC. Note that TeamPlain is unrelated to Teamprise, which to quote Jim Newkirk, recently “announced a complimentary license of the Teamprise client suite for…


ActionPack for Your DAL: It’s Slicker Than Hot Poi

My good buddy Rob Connery, of Commerce Starter Kit fame, has started a groovy new project on CodePlex called ASP.NET ActionPack. ActionPack consists of a set of ORM tools, code generation and dynamic query tools. Inspired by the magic of Ruby on Rails, ActionPack provides a BuildProvider that reads your database and creates all the objects (and strongly-typed…


Who Stole Rob Caron?

Like tens of thousands of other people, I am an avid and daily reader of my good friend Rob Caron’s VSTS blog. He is way plugged in, clearly. But Rob is more than that. He is a bloguoso. Lately however, Rob hasn’t seemed himself. As possibly occurred with with Raymond Chen’s Old New Thing blog last year, Rob’s latest blog posts appear to have…


Visual Studio Team Foundation Server via Eclipse? Runs on UNIX, Mac, or Linux?

Are you excited about the potential benefits of migrating from your existing source control and bug tracking tools to Visual Studio Team System? Stymied by bureaucracy and organizational inertia? Common Scenario: different groups in your organization use different IDEs on different platforms. Some teams are using Eclipse on UNIX and others work on Macs. Your team uses…


Cmd Shell for Visual Studio: Released on CodePlex

This project is an awesome addition to the growing list of shared source software on CodePlex.com. “VSCmdShell provides users with a shell window inside the Visual Studio IDE that can be used for Visual Studio commands as well. Current version allows user to use either Windows Command Shell (cmd.exe) or Windows PowerShell.”


CodePlex Videos on Port 25

Interested in CodePlex? Subscribe to the CodePlex tag on Port 25. As of the date of this post there are two interviews (Sara Ford’s and mine with timeline thanks to Sara) along with a blog post by Bryan Kirchner in which he discusses “two of the most important studies of the motivations of open source developers”. I expect there…


Continuous Integration – CI for CodePlex

This is sweet! Martin Woodward of Teamprise, a great guy I met earlier this week at TechEd Boston, explains how to set up CI for CodePlex projects using CruiseControl.NET. Since I began working on the Team System (and thereafter), I’ve been wondering how long it would take for an open source equivalent to emerge. Subversion-NUnit-NAnt-CruiseControl. Today, a friend…


CodePlex.com Customer Evangelism at TechEd 2006

On my flight from Seattle to Boston, early yesterday morning, I cracked open a new book: Creating Customer Evangelists, by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell. Whether you’re a project manager, developer, executive, journalist, architect, designer, writer, marketer or anyone else involved in software development, I guarantee (GUARANTEE) that you will enjoy and derive value from…


SednaX Moving to CodePlex.com

As announced by project admin, Craig Boyd, the mighty SednaX project will soon be making the move from gotdotnet CodeGallery to CodePlex.com, both of which my team has developed and maintains as free, open, and inclusive project development venues and repositories for developers and aficionados of open and shared source software. [from Craig’s weblog] “SednaX will…


CodePlex Developers: Download VSTF Team Explorer and TF.exe for FREE

CodePlex isn’t just a shiny, new, hexagonally-embossed website for hardcore, online collaborative software developers and aficionados, it’s a website sitting on top of a burly, new software configuration management system called Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. I am proud to have been involved in the creation of both of these v1 gems (VSTFS and CodePlex) and excited to echo the…