REST2SQL in a Jiffy, with Tagspace for Spice

A few months ago, Alex Barnett excitedly told me about a project he was working on with Pablo Castro, of the Microsoft SQL Server team. Like most things brilliant and game-changing, their invention is shockingly simple. As Alex explained it, project codename “Astoria” would enable anyone to expose (and query/update) a SQL Server database, in…


Inspirational Video: Code Monkey

Are you a code monkey? Do you dress like a code monkey? Do you dance like a code monkey?


xClaims and Microformats

In response to my penultipate post, reader “David” (the other David?) xClaims: “Um, I don’t get it – what’s this for again? Is it a microformat or something? I hereby claim xClaims are confusing.” My vote: Abstain + a Comment (below): I hear you, David. And point taken. Note to Self: continue to refine messaging around…


Tagspace, Meet Claimspace

In early June, we will launch a new social software service for technical professionals called Claimspace (codename, “Rapport”), which will join Tagspace, Blogs, and Forums as the newest member of the Microsoft.Community family. Our development lead, Doug, mentioned Claimspace a few weeks ago so I figured I’d follow up. Tagspace enables you to say, ‘I…


Web Access for Visual Studio Team System

Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, Brian Harry follows up on his recent announcement about Microsoft’s acquisition of of devBiz, developers of TeamPlain Web Access for VSTS. Brian heads up our Visual Studio Team Foundation development team, based in Raleigh, NC. Note that TeamPlain is unrelated to Teamprise, which to quote Jim Newkirk, recently “announced a complimentary license of the Teamprise client suite for…


Alexbarn Leaves Microsoft…ARGH!

With a farewell quote from the greatest American writer of all time, my friend, neighbor, and idea-mate, Alex Barnett has announced that he is leaving Microsoft and Redmond to join a startup in Utah: Bungee Labs. [Lump_in_throat]. If they had any idea of the potential that Microsoft is losing, with Alex’s departure, Steve would be ranting, Bill would be knocking…


Big in Japan

Recently, I attended the Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) Attendee Party (thanks, Sean!) at the wonderful Boeing Museum of Flight, in Seattle, with my partner Dave Morehouse. Our MissionFind, gather requirements for, and validate our social software plans for what we stiltingly and half-jokingly refer to as “” with a subset of our target customers: Chinese- and Japanese-speaking MVPs;…


"Tagspace" Beta

AJAX vs. Atlas ASP.NET Atlas ATOM C# C++ CodePlex coolgadgets database Dave Morehouse FoxPro Huong Nguyen J# LINQ Marshall Lin MSO .NET .NET2.0 PERL.NET Rapport REST RESTful RSS Ruby Sharepoint socialsoftware tagging Tagspace Taylor Parsons VB.NET VFP Vista VS2005 VSTS WikiWiki  Win64  Windows Mobile  Zune Hacks ————————————— During a week in which Microsoft announced a virtual TIDAL WAVE of blockbuster product releases (ya know, Vista, Office, LiveID, et al), my small team quietly launched the public Beta of…


ActionPack for Your DAL: It’s Slicker Than Hot Poi

My good buddy Rob Connery, of Commerce Starter Kit fame, has started a groovy new project on CodePlex called ASP.NET ActionPack. ActionPack consists of a set of ORM tools, code generation and dynamic query tools. Inspired by the magic of Ruby on Rails, ActionPack provides a BuildProvider that reads your database and creates all the objects (and strongly-typed…


CodePlex In the News

UNO: This just in: CodePlex on Channel9 DOS: When we first launched CodePlex, one of our most frequently asked questions was, “How open are you planning to be with regards to projects that might compete with Microsoft products or run on different platforms?” My response was always some variation of “Wait and see. Actions speak louder than words.”…