Doing Business in Amsterdam

Last week, I represented my group withiin Microsoft ( Community & Collaborative Development) along with my colleague, Betsy Aoki at the annual Microsoft TechEd Conference for software developers and IT Pros in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Here are a few random and incomplete reflections of a non-technical nature on my experience “doing business” in Amsterdam. If you’ve…


TechEd Europe: Work-Party-Sleep imBalance

Establishing a sustainable work-party-sleep balance during TechEd 2005 Europe in Amsterdam proved more difficult than I imagined. Friday was little different from previous days: I worked at the convention center for twelve hours attending sessions, working the VSTS booth, talking to customers… 10:55AM [In this photo, Brian Randell (right), Ashwin Karuhatty (left) and I marvel as hundreds of eager…


TechEd Europe: Microsoft’s Blogging Engine (and Syndication Empire;-)

Blogging at Microsoft – Betsy Aoki RAI Congrescentrum Forum, Amsterdam Netherlands, 14.45 on 6 July 2005 Disclaimer: these are rough, rough notes.Betsy Begins: “I’m here to tell you about an intranet blogging mechanism for your folks to blog and share with customers.” Over 1500 bloggers at Microsoft Corporation. What she’ll cover Blogging at Microsoft Corporation –…



I touched down in lovely (their new PR slogan is i amsterdam) a few hours ago, followed orange vested nederlanders to big, white buses festooned with tiny TechEd signs, which I rode from Schiphol Airport to the RAI Convention Center, stumbled around with laptop pack on my chest and my huge trekking pack stuffed with Gotdotnet t-shirts and buttons…


nUnit for VSTS2005

My esteemed compadre, Jim released version 0.2 of an nUnit converter for Visual Studio Team System last week to gotdotnet workspaces. Check it out at: If you have applied or plan to apply to join the workspace where this tool is being developed–Jim is the only member currently and I don’t know if he wants to open…

Geek Speak Joins the Gotdotnet Squad

The GotDotNet organization is proud to announce the selection of David Waddleton, a Microsoft developer community champion currently based in Houston, in the first round of the FY06 draft. Dave will be playing middlefield for us and batting cleanup as a developer lead. Welcome aboard, Dave!


Photos from TechEd 2005 in Orlando

I’ve begun to upload a few photos from TechEd along with other attendees. Collaborative Flickr tag: TechEd2005. More, many more photos on the way.

Opportunistic Geeks On the Rocks

After a solid run of opportunistic geek luck, our adventure hit the skids in Houston. Rob and I boarded near the end of the plane. I congratulated myself for having had the forethought to reserve two seats in the Exit row. As soon as we sat down, I learned that my self-congratulation had been premature. Our seats would not…


Deleting User Samples on GotDotNet

User Samples is the most popular GotDotNet feature. Over the last few months, I’ve received emails from numerous customers complaining that they could not delete a User Sample of their own creation after submitting it. The most common reason for this request was the release of the wrong version of a sample.  There being no easier way to justify…