CodePlex Videos on Port 25

Interested in CodePlex? Subscribe to the CodePlex tag on Port 25. As of the date of this post there are two interviews (Sara Ford’s and mine with timeline thanks to Sara) along with a blog post by Bryan Kirchner in which he discusses “two of the most important studies of the motivations of open source developers”. I expect there…


Social Engineering in Open Source Projects

A prospective CodePlex project coordinator recently asked me an intriguing question, “Have you seen any good qualitative data or studies on weight of factors for building successful open source applications?” By way of example, he enumerated a variety of possible factors including: Passionate community leader Expert community leader (either technically or in the application type) Strong…


SednaX Moving to

As announced by project admin, Craig Boyd, the mighty SednaX project will soon be making the move from gotdotnet CodeGallery to, both of which my team has developed and maintains as free, open, and inclusive project development venues and repositories for developers and aficionados of open and shared source software. [from Craig’s weblog] “SednaX will…


Desirement: Future Geo-Matching Service for Speakers and Event Organizers

At the conclusion of Deeper in .NET, in Milwaukee, I got to hang out into the wee hours of the morning with Scott Spradlin of INETA, Chris Barwood, Julie Lerman, Brennan Stehling, and Doug Rhoten (photos) at the Rock Bottom Brewery. Doug Rhoten is the founder and President of the Chippewa .NET user’s group, as…


IronPython in 60 Seconds (Video)

Project founder Jim Hugenin explains what “Python on .NET” is and why it rocks, in this two minute video from the Microsoft Technology Summit 2006. See gotdotnet IronPython workspace for the latest news about this killer project.  Thanks to Didier Girard, who was assisted by Jean-Louis Benard at, for this short and sweet IronPython primer.


Is there a tag for this event?

A few minutes ago, I turned to Dave Bost, MS developer evangelist in the Midwest region, and asked, “Is there a tag for this event?” Dave replied, “I’ve heard a lot of geeky things, this week. That’s just another one to add to the list. MTS06,” he concluded knowingly. I’ve been sitting in on MTS06 (Microsoft…


Thomas Jefferson: Buildmaster or Benevolent Dictator?

While running along the back nine at Willows Run Golf Course this morning–merrily dodging Canadian Geese droppings–I stepped into a mudhole that momentarily consumed my foot and ankle. At that very moment I thought, Was the United States Constitution America’s first, great open source project? Imagine what buildmaster Jefferson could have achieved with integrated version control and work item tracking…


SharePoint Goodies on Gotdotnet

SharePoint developers unite! Recent activity around SharePoint development projects on gotdotnet User Samples, CodeGallery, and Workspaces has been explosive. Here is a small, small sampling of some of the more recent, interesting, and/or active projects. For a complete and unabridged list of all things SharePoint on gotdotnet, see SharePoint User Samples on gotdotnet, SharePoint-related Workspaces projects on gotdotnet, and SharePoint-related CodeGallery…


Released: Visual Studio .NET SCC Plugin for gotdotnet Workspaces

As Peter Bromberg notes, we recently released an updated source control plug-in* for gotdotnet Workspaces that enables you to work on projects stored in gotdotnet (check in, check out, and other source control operations) from the comfort of your very own VS.NET 2005 (or 2003) IDE. [Peter Bromberg] “Kudos to GotDotNet Team: VS.NET SCC Workspaces Provider and FIX for…