Claimspace, a Long Tail Recognition System

Robert Rebholz is not only my boss*, he is also my muse, ideological sparring partner, alter ego, and mentor. Bob is possesed by a special kind of genius, with a sort of Jeffersonian breadth and intensity that makes it a pleasure and honor to collaborate with him, on a day-to-day basis. In my opinion, Bob is one of two people on…


REST2SQL in a Jiffy, with Tagspace for Spice

A few months ago, Alex Barnett excitedly told me about a project he was working on with Pablo Castro, of the Microsoft SQL Server team. Like most things brilliant and game-changing, their invention is shockingly simple. As Alex explained it, project codename “Astoria” would enable anyone to expose (and query/update) a SQL Server database, in…


Tagspace, Meet Claimspace

In early June, we will launch a new social software service for technical professionals called Claimspace (codename, “Rapport”), which will join Tagspace, Blogs, and Forums as the newest member of the Microsoft.Community family. Our development lead, Doug, mentioned Claimspace a few weeks ago so I figured I’d follow up. Tagspace enables you to say, ‘I…


Not receiving incoming calls on Your Cingular SmartPhone?

All week long, I have received no incoming calls or voicemails on my Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone, on the Cingular network. I was beginning to believe myself to be as unpopular as I sometimes feel. During this time, I made multiple outgoing calls… This morning, I looked down at my phone to discover that I had…


Tracking Down the "Ping Meme"

At Seattle MindCamp 3.0, this saturday, Scott Berkun and Adam Loving will host the second annual “Good Thing Rapid Discovery Slam”, a 45 minute show-n-tell for geeks. The first slam, at MindCamp 2.0 featured the reading of an Emily Dickinson poem, the demonstration of an application that generates cacohponous techno “music” based on various graphical and user inputs, numerous…


ActionPack for Your DAL: It’s Slicker Than Hot Poi

My good buddy Rob Connery, of Commerce Starter Kit fame, has started a groovy new project on CodePlex called ASP.NET ActionPack. ActionPack consists of a set of ORM tools, code generation and dynamic query tools. Inspired by the magic of Ruby on Rails, ActionPack provides a BuildProvider that reads your database and creates all the objects (and strongly-typed…


Qunu: an Open Source Approach to Realtime Q&A

Enabling people to convene and interact online in the same rich ways they can offline is the holy grail of social computing. Imagine being able to ask a question, on any subject and at any time, and getting an expert response in near realtime, via your IM client. Such is the idea behind Qunu, which…


CodePlex Developers: Download VSTF Team Explorer and TF.exe for FREE

CodePlex isn’t just a shiny, new, hexagonally-embossed website for hardcore, online collaborative software developers and aficionados, it’s a website sitting on top of a burly, new software configuration management system called Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. I am proud to have been involved in the creation of both of these v1 gems (VSTFS and CodePlex) and excited to echo the…


IronPython in 60 Seconds (Video)

Project founder Jim Hugenin explains what “Python on .NET” is and why it rocks, in this two minute video from the Microsoft Technology Summit 2006. See gotdotnet IronPython workspace for the latest news about this killer project.  Thanks to Didier Girard, who was assisted by Jean-Louis Benard at, for this short and sweet IronPython primer.


WikiWars C#ometh

A reader sent me a link to this recently, On first blush, I see sparse content, a slick MediaWiki implementation, and Google Ads… Wait! Is a Microsoft employee actually blogging about this? [Please wait while I change into my Microsoft SuperSuit.] I would be much more likely to use and support a C# wiki that…