Tagspace: Social Bookmarking for the Whole Web…from Microsoft

I am tickled pink ‘n honored to announce the third release of Microsoft Tagspace*, a social bookmarking solution for technical professionals, like you. With this release, Tagspace becomes Microsoft’s first true social bookmarking application for the whole World Wide Web Web. Learn more about Tagspace and its potential to help you save, recall, and connect to the people, subjects, and Web-based…


Trust Microsoft with Claimspace (my response pending)

Ted Haeger, aka ReverendTed of Bungee Labs (purveyors of the most kill-killski development toolkit for Web 2.0 developers, in the world), just published a thought provoking blog post asking his readers: Can we…? Trust Microsoft with Claimspace Ted has personally challenged me to respond and I plan to do so, in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I…


Claimspace: Against a Well-designed Reputation System

Clay Shirky recently published a post on Corante, entitled “Against Well-designed Reputation Systems (An Argument for Community Patent)” that I’ve been meaning to respond to, for awhile. His thesis, which I agree with wholeheartedly if I understand it correctly, can be summed up as ‘Don’t do it. Don’t even think about doing it.’ Clay, rather than respond to…


Claimspace, a Long Tail Recognition System

Robert Rebholz is not only my boss*, he is also my muse, ideological sparring partner, alter ego, and mentor. Bob is possesed by a special kind of genius, with a sort of Jeffersonian breadth and intensity that makes it a pleasure and honor to collaborate with him, on a day-to-day basis. In my opinion, Bob is one of two people on…


Should "Membership Stores" Be Permitted in Redmond’s Manufacturing Park Zone?

In coordination with Taylor Development, which among other things owns an undeveloped 60 acre parcel of land that is zoned Manufacturing Park (MP) along Union Hill road in Southeast Redmond (see Redmond zoning map here and Live.com Map here), City Staff has presented the Redmond Planning Commission, of which I am a presiding member, with a…


REST2SQL in a Jiffy, with Tagspace for Spice

A few months ago, Alex Barnett excitedly told me about a project he was working on with Pablo Castro, of the Microsoft SQL Server team. Like most things brilliant and game-changing, their invention is shockingly simple. As Alex explained it, project codename “Astoria” would enable anyone to expose (and query/update) a SQL Server database, in…


Inspirational Video: Code Monkey

Are you a code monkey? Do you dress like a code monkey? Do you dance like a code monkey?


xClaims and Microformats

In response to my penultipate post, reader “David” (the other David?) xClaims: “Um, I don’t get it – what’s this for again? Is it a microformat or something? I hereby claim xClaims are confusing.” My vote: Abstain + a Comment (below): I hear you, David. And point taken. Note to Self: continue to refine messaging around…


Tagspace, Meet Claimspace

In early June, we will launch a new social software service for technical professionals called Claimspace (codename, “Rapport”), which will join Tagspace, Blogs, and Forums as the newest member of the Microsoft.Community family. Our development lead, Doug, mentioned Claimspace a few weeks ago so I figured I’d follow up. Tagspace enables you to say, ‘I…


Introducing Microsoft Tagspace

Tagspace* is a social bookmarking service for software professionals** that encourages sound sleep and sweet dreams by enabling you to be better informed, better connected, and more productive. The more you use Tagspace, the more you’ll wonder how you survived for so long in the cramped quarters of your Web browser’s Favorites folder. WARNING: TAGSPACE IS ADDICTIVE. REPEATED…