xClaims and Microformats

In response to my penultipate post, reader "David" (the other David?) xClaims: "Um, I don't get it - what's this for again? Is it a microformat or something? I hereby claim xClaims are confusing." My vote: Abstain + a Comment (below):

I hear you, David. And point taken. Note to Self: continue to refine messaging around Claimspace. Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming. As with any unreleased product and all true innovations (again, early June), it's hard to predict how folks will use Claimspace. Usage will drive the messaging. But for whatever it's worth, I *love* your first xClaim! And I point out that you just created the SECOND public xClaim, in history. 😉

To your questions,

Question: "what's this [an xClaim] for again?"
Answer: An xClaim is an author-defined, reader interactive rating/polling mechanism for the Web that enables a person to assert that, 'I created this resource and I wish to be recognized personally or promote the recognition of my resource on these terms [my claim]. What do you think? Vote/Comment here.'

Question: "Is it a microformat or something?"
Answer: An xClaim is a control, not a microformat...yet. For my thoughts on the difference between a control and a microformat, see http://blogs.msdn.com/korbyp/archive/2007/04/12/microformats-are-like-rfid-tags-for-the-web.aspx. For any demonstration sites that we provide (Tagspace and Claimspace are being designed as services, first and foremost, for inclusion in other Web sites), we are super-interested in using existing microformats like rel, XFN, hCard, and hCalendar. For xClaims, in particular, we are currently investigating the extent to which we can use VoteLinks or whether we need to begin a conversation with the fine folks at microformats.org and elsewhere to explore a new microformat or extension of an existing one.

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  1. Lee LeFever says:

    Hey Korby.  It’s great to see these new things coming out.  I have some feedback on the messaging.  

    David asks "what’s this xClaim for again?"  This could be translated as "why do I care, again?".  To which, the answer doesn’t likely begin with "an author-defined, reader interactive rating/polling mechanism".  

    So why should David care?  I’m only beginning to learn about xClaims, but it sounds a new way to establish credibility in a world where it’s hard to know someone’s intentions.  

    For example, it’s hard to know if a blog post is on target unless you know what the author is trying to accomplish. An xClaim is a way for the author to share his or her intent.  This way, the blog post can be judged with more context.  

    Hope you don’t mind the feedback Korby. 🙂

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