Web Access for Visual Studio Team System

Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, Brian Harry follows up on his recent announcement about Microsoft's acquisition of of devBiz, developers of TeamPlain Web Access for VSTS. Brian heads up our Visual Studio Team Foundation development team, based in Raleigh, NC. Note that TeamPlain is unrelated to Teamprise, which to quote Jim Newkirk, recently "announced a complimentary license of the Teamprise client suite for anyone wanting to connect to an open source project on CodePlex."

If you are an existing devBiz customer, I encourage you to think about and weigh in on the following comment, on Brian's weblog.

"Another set of feedback we've gotten revolves around the devBiz components products - devMail, devDns and others.  We have removed these products from the market and are unsure what our future plans for them are.  I've seen requests that we open source them among other things.  We are considering many options ranging from including them in other products to making the source available in some form - either to existing customers, publicly or otherwise.  We want to make sure that customers feel that they have a good path forward.  We hope to reach a conclusion on a plan in the next few weeks on this issue as well."

If the VSTS team decides to release some of the products Brian mentions as open source projects, I hope and wouldn't be surprised to see them posted on CodePlex, which runs on Visual Studio Team System.

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