Microsoft Enters Munincipal WiFi Market

Woohoo…..But wait! What about Redmond?

From FierceWireless:

“Microsoft announced that it will partner with MetroFi to build a free wireless Internet service for Portland, Oregon. Microsoft will provide targeted content to the service’s users through its new online platform adCenter–a rival platform to Google’s AdSense. adCenter allows advertisers to target users based on browsing habits and other data like gender, age and location. Google has a similar offering rolling out in San Francisco with partner Earthlink. MetroFi already operates muni-WiFi networks in Silicon Valley cities and has agreements with 13 cities across the country. Microsoft said it chose MetroFi because the company has a large footprint in the sector, but Redmond said it is open to work with other partners and cities in the future.”

Comments (1)

  1. Jason Mauer says:

    Hooray for Portland! Redmond schmedmond.

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